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With the chip, same menu?????

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by IP2, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. IP2

    IP2 Guest

    hello to all
    I have a new machine(13\9\2004)I assume it is the 1.6
    one guy installed me the DUOX2 chip (not the linux ver).
    right now when I start my xbox with the mod it shows at the 1st screen the logo and the EVO at the left corner, and the machine is capble reading backups cd's.
    besides that the all menu is the same as original.
    I want to use the xbox for watching DIVX and to add other apps.
    I read a lot of info on this amazing site, and I know the recommended programs to use and how.
    I tried to connect my pc to the xbox for ftp, but from some reason couldnt,I made the right static ip in the xbox and the right ones in the PC with a crossover cable(I have some knowledge in networking).
    My question is:
    1.Do I have to install some bios,evolutionX(if it is not installed yet) I will be happy if one can explain me what is the relationship between them?
    2.Can I ftp the xbox in my current status,or do I have to add and install other things?
    3.If I need to install some software and it rouing my xbox boot files,is there any way to "RESET" back to origin stage?
    4.if my dash is not evolution one, otherwise my menus were diffrent with other options, then why it says EVO on the starting and what exactly I have on my machine.

    that it :)
    thank you in advanced

  2. IP2

    IP2 Guest

    is thetre anybody out there???
  3. mdsup

    mdsup Guest

    you need to install a new dashboard...there are quite a few to choose from...evox, avalaunch, unleashx are probably the most popular...once you get a dash installed you will need some apps...in order to ftp you will need a evox boot disc or an autoinstaller.

    just so you know...you do not have the evox dash installed, that little triangle that says evox, all that means is that your chip is flashed with an evox bios.
  4. IP2

    IP2 Guest

    Ok, So correct me if I'm wrong.
    I have a bios with evox Prog, but this evox is not the same the dashboard programs like evox,avalaunch, unleashx and other.
    if I got it then I have a few questions :
    1st do I need to do any changes with the evox that is on my bios (the term for changing that called FLASH?).
    2nd if 1st is not, so do I need to install a dashboarb,any kind of the common one evox,avalaunch, unleashx ?, is the installation done thru a cd that I need to make?.
    3rd in order to ftp, must I do 1st the dashboard install or it is possible to ftp just by connecting computer(with right config-been there and didnt succeed)

    thank you again for the help,
    If you can add a few words on, what is my next step from here, I will apriciate.

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