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Wondering about flashing a SGH-V205 & other software issues

Discussion in 'Samsung discussion' started by LaZrus, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. LaZrus

    LaZrus Guest

    Hiya and TIA

    I have a Samsung SGH-V205 and I am getting totally annoyed with it, or better said, its sofware. I have purchased DATAPILOT (for use via Infrared) & Fone Handset Manager from MA (with USB cable). First, the DataPilot continually crapped out before I could get all my messages downloaded (I think that had to do with the picture messages) and then the Fone Handset Manager doesn't let me do much at all. Since I had purchased both I have put in helpdesk calls to support and had a little success but not much. Not to mention that on neither one of those can I download the 99 pictures I have on the camera. Gauranteed, the phone doesnt support it, but I thought the software folks would have some trick up their sleeve :( Now, in my search for an answer, I have run across a bunch of posts in different forums where they mention flashing the V205 so that it, in effect, becomes a v200 (which supports photo downloading and more). Also, the v200 has a wider range of software available as well as more functionality within the phone. Soooooooo......

    1. Does anyone use either of the above mentioned programs and has any tips
    2. Has anyone flashed the v205 successfully and what did you use software / cables wise (can I do it with my USB cable?)
    3. If no one can help me, would anyone like to buy the bits and pieces of my phone which I am going to have left here soon?

    OS - XP
    Software - Latest versions of the 2 above mentioned software programs
    Attitude - Getting poorer by the day
    Hope - Last ray of it used here since no one at any of the other places answered my request for info

    Again, TIA
  2. gatolives

    gatolives Member

    Oct 11, 2004
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    Not sure if you have sent your v205 to the scrap pile yet, but...


    I too was sick of the limitations with the default software and found this forum very helpful... Everything from the software needed to flash plus the various firmwares etc... You would need to get the OEM Samsung data cable, it's like $70 in the stores, I got mine for $15 including shipping off ebay... Hope it helps!
  3. meta1

    meta1 Regular member

    Aug 11, 2004
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    The IR on the Samsungs is never good and neither is the software, your best be is to use a Data Cable of sorts or, if you have it, Bluetooth.
  4. sparky1

    sparky1 Guest

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