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World of Warcraft Addiction

Discussion in 'Windows - Games' started by Rusko, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Rusko

    Rusko Member

    Jul 2, 2007
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    I've been doing some research on World of Warcraft addiction, and I want to discuss among the players about it. I have a some questions for the readers.

    1.) Whats the main purpose you play WOW. Does it help you to escape the real world, help you to forget about the stress of the real world?
    2.) Have you put alot of money into this game, that caused financial problems?
    3.) Have you noticed a change in your social life? Explain if you wish?
    4.) Has this game made any conflicts between you and either friends or family members?
    5.) If currently in school, have you noticed a change in your grades or learning abilities?
    6.) Have you ever had experienced trouble of sleep because of too much gameplay, or dreams about playing WOW?
    7.) If you had played this game for an entire day, have you ever regretted about spending that entire day on it?
    8.) Have you ever wished that you could spend less time on WOW or more time doing something in the real world?
    9.) Have you ever talk to someone about game addiction, because you thought that you were addicted?
    10.) Do you agree with the statement that 40% of WOW players are addicted to it?
    11.) Have you noticed a change in your personality from playing WOW?
    12.) Have you tried stop playing WOW for a while, but then felt an urge to play it again?
  2. Boxy123

    Boxy123 Guest

    I was a 12 year old addict and looking at this all answers yes.
    I had to go to a program called Soltreks which sucked!
  3. jordangsu

    jordangsu Member

    Jul 29, 2007
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    I stopped playing WOW back around march, but I played it for over 2 years before that

    1. My reason for playing was for entertainment, and the game has alot of fun to offer...the problem is it requires real work to get that fun.
    2. No financial problems, but considering 15 a month for 2 years...thats a good bit of cash.
    3. No change in social life, I've always been rather anti social.
    4. Cant think of any conflicts it caused.
    5. I started playing my last couple of semesters of college, grades didnt really suffer
    6. No trouble sleeping, but yeah I've had dreams about the game.
    7. Dont think I did any all dayers.
    8. no
    9. no
    10.40% is probably right, some are addicted, some are just bored
    12.I had to stop a few times because of real-life issues (moving, new job). I did have the urge to play. No urges at all since I stopped playing at my own will though.

    WOW was my first MMO, and I was looking forward to Warhammer, but I think I'm done with the MMO genre for good.
  4. reloadSE

    reloadSE Regular member

    Apr 7, 2007
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    1. i started playing wow becasue of my friends.
    2. nope only bought the game and a game card (80nzd)
    3. nope i only played about a month and half before i got bored
    4. well my... na i havent
    5. no i didn't notic a change
    6. hell no
    7. nope longest i played was about 3 hours and the most ive played a video game no stop is 12 hours
    8. lol well uhh look above
    9. i was never addicted just tryed it really and giving my views on game
    10. probably becasue there are a hell of alot reports on it and look at all the high levels that are/were sold online
    11. nope
    12. well a very little
  5. luap1085

    luap1085 Member

    Aug 5, 2007
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    1.) The main reason i played WOW was because i am a pure addict to computer games whatever the genre lol, i have a decent social life but my mates understand that sometimes id rather sit at home playing on computer than going out and getting wasted.

    2.) Just the monthly fee for 1 and a half years.

    3.) I suppose i became a little less social in the time I spent on WOW.

    4.) Friends - No, Family - yes, staying up until about 5am raiding doesn't go down too well when you've got a busy kitchen to run for your parents the next morning ><

    5.) N/A

    6.) Yes after several hours of WOW I found it increasingly hard to sleep, sometimes i'd be lying in bed for hours on end trying to sleep, however i have never dreamt about WOW amazingly.

    7.) Hmm well iv got to say iv spent days playing it continuously however had no deep regrets about spending that time infront of my computer as id spend 10 times the amount of cash i did if i was out getting wasted with my friends.

    8.) Yes and no, i no longer play wow now and am loving it, however when i was playing it would make me feel down sometimes.

    9.) Nope i managed to cure the addiction myself, i quit about 2 months after BC came out and havn't looked back.

    10.) Id of put the figure higher than 40%, alot of people dont like to admit there addicted, i know i didnt : P

    11.) Shorterm yes i felt like a monster sometimes after playing wow continuously for 20 hours staight and trying to speak to my family, longterm i think its made me a better person.

    12.) Lots however i think wow should be treat as harshly as drugs in terms of addiction lol
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2007

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