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WOW 60 day pre-paid game card after 10 day trial

Discussion in 'Windows - Games' started by qwerty977, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. qwerty977

    qwerty977 Guest

    I just finished a 10 day trial and want to continue playing. I bought a 60day game card for it but when I go to use it, it says I need another game code from the box of the game. I downloaded the game with the 10 day trial so I don't own a accual copy of the game. Is there anyway I can use the 60day card after my 10 day trial with out buying the game or using a credit card to play to play the game?
  2. arcturis

    arcturis Member

    Feb 13, 2007
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    With the 10 day trial, you get a serial code that is specific to that 10 day trial. Once the trial is up, you need to purchase the game sincwe it will contain a serial code that will unlock the trial period of your accout. You will need to purchase the game before you will be able to use the 60 day pre-paid card. I know this sucks, but you need the serial code in order to make your account with Blizzard a full account instead of a trial account.

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