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WTF: vhs to dvd problem... encrypted?

Discussion in 'DVD-VCR combos' started by noskool, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. noskool

    noskool Member

    Jan 2, 2010
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    Hi guys!

    I have a terrible problem.

    For xmas, my brother and I spent over 10 hours recording all of our old vhs tapes of us growing up (bday parties etc) to dvd, as an xmas gift for our parents. We were in a hurry and we just picked up the "Samsung DVD Recorder & VCR". What a gigantic mistake.

    So we followed the instructions to the T, and began recording all of our vhs tapes onto dvd. At the end of each DVD, we would play it in the same player to make sure it recorded, and sure enough, it did.

    After we did all of this, we took the DVDs upstairs to present them to the family. We popped one of the DVDs into our standard dvd player we have had for years, and it did not play. We were pissed, so we tried other players. My PC, laptop, MAC, PS3, 2 other dvd players, and nothing worked.


    Apparently after reading up on the net about this terrible product, it has come to my attention that this player only records DVDs so that it will only play IN THAT SPECIFIC PLAYER. HOW F*CKING RIDICULOUS IS THAT?

    So, every time we put the dvds into normal dvd players, it wont load. Put it in a PC, and it says its a blank disc.

    If anyone here can help or give some insight on how to somehow decrypt these DVDs and rip them to my hard drive so I can burn them PROPERLY, would be greatly appreciated. So far I have tried "DVD Decrypter" and it only recognizes it as a blank disc.

    Please, please if anyone could help, you would save Christmas for us!
  2. piopat

    piopat Active member

    Mar 11, 2008
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    did you finalise the dvds after recording to them(you have to do that in order for them to play on other dvd players)if they arent finalised then they will only play on the machine they were recorded on,(finalising is what makes a disc a dvd or a cd) or perhaps you used a recording mode on the samsung that is not supported on the other players. (you can find out how to finalise in the manual that came with the samsung) what type of disc did you use, there are a few dvd formats, example dvd-r , dvd-rw and you have dvd+r , dvd+rw ,an older dvd player may not support both formats(look at the dvd disc and see what format they are, then check if the older dvd players support the disc format,dvd-r discs should play on most players)if your dvd player only supports dvd-r than of course it wont play dvd+rw. i know as with my sony it can record in a mode that can only be played on either other sony recorders or only on a player that supports the mode(but i can change the mode to suit other dvd players) if the problem is only finalising that only takes a few minutes and is easy to do .

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