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WTS:WHole PS2's working

Discussion in 'Sell your stuff' started by ZippyDSM, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. ZippyDSM

    ZippyDSM Active member

    Aug 3, 2005
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    I have 3 PS2s, 2 flip tops 1set of swapmagic 3.8 coder and 1 swapmagic 3.6 DVD the CD disc is broken flaking foil so its worthless.

    Been trying to get this read to sale on ebay for 150 a complete set but the broken SM cd and I have lost some screws and just not have had the time to put them back together.

    I have tested them they all can handle retail DVD9 films ran them for hours while I tinkered with other stuff even got some blue leds to put on one of them.

    Anyway I'd like 130$ or best offer for the PS2 with new fliptop lid and SM coder 3.8,the 130$ includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48, I'll toss in a control pad and the hookups and I am 99% sure I have its screws.

    The fliptop with the SM DVD disc and older flip top I'll sale for 80$ and toss in a controller and hookup.

    The whole unit missing screws I will sale for 50$ and will toss in a pad and the hoockups if you need them.

    Also can spare a couple PS2 games with the sales,hell buy the lot and I'll give you 10 PS2 titles they will be mostly sports titles tho LOL

    these prices cover shipping in the lower 48 I will ship world wide at cost.

    PM me for questions and what not, I probably did this wrong it it will be locked in 10 seconds.
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