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x-bit 1.5 need help

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by bestinst, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. bestinst

    bestinst Guest

    I have xbit 1.5 if anyone knows how this thing is supposed to work. 1st d0 is connected good pogo install can flash and change color of ms dash even get xecuter 2 logo or evox logo depending which bios is used but switch #4dosent disable chip i get frag. and will not read media to install dash. been going crazy can someone tell me what im doing wrong also my chip has xtra wire harness in center of xbit and ayellow wire set with a red and a black wire coming off of it. please help ordered from mod chips.com they will not respond.
  2. havock27

    havock27 Guest

    wow no replys yet.. im having a similar issue.. except i plugged in that extra wire.. and i tried to flash the bios with the evox m8 and i dont know what to do from there.. i did it on bios 6 but how do you change the color of the dashboard or get the names to appear.. what bios are you using? and i cant get the new dashboard software to work either

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