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Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by master301, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. master301

    master301 Guest

    PLEASE HELP>? i got a modded xbox. wHen i turn on my xbox in the corner i see a triangle with the word EVO X in it and then it goes right to the normal xbox dash... Is is possible to get the exo x dash on my xbox? WHAT IS THIS? I HAVE DOWNLOAD THE DASHBOARDS VERSIONS 3921 AND VERSION 3285. WHICH IS THE BEST ONE VERSION? I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT VERSION IS MY EVO BIOS? WHEN I WILL INSTALL THE EVOLUTION ON MY X-BOX THE DEFAULT MENU WILL CHANGE? ONE MORE THERE IS POSSIBILITY MY X-BOX HAVING PROBLEMS AFTER THE INSTALL?
  2. mdsup

    mdsup Guest

    your chip is flashed with the m8 bios...you need to create an evox boot disc so that you can ftp into your xbox...once you have ftp access you will need to place evoxdash.xbe, evox.ini, skins onto your C partition...the most recent build of evox is 3935 i believe...do you know what chip you have? do you have msn messenger?
  3. master301

    master301 Guest

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  4. mdsup

    mdsup Guest

    i added you, you might want to edit your post and remove it, as it is against rules to post email addys
  5. madman_31

    madman_31 Member

    Oct 24, 2004
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    Just a qustion how do you unlock your xbox dives mines locked?

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