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X- BOX Newbie!! Needs Help With BAsic Question

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by sandyheer, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. sandyheer

    sandyheer Guest

    Bought an X-Box last week and instantly had it fitted with an Aladdin modchip and 120 gb hard drive.

    The fitter installed evolution x dashboard for me.

    I wish to play avi movies will these work or do i need x box media centre. I have downloaded this anyway now how do i install. Ie can i burn this program to cd and then install it or what else?

    I am totally new to this and just wish to know how to play divx movies on x-box.

  2. andrewb15

    andrewb15 Member

    Aug 16, 2004
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    This is by no means going to be an idiot proof guide, but here goes.

    If I was you Id connect up my Xbox to my pc and use ftp to copy the Xbox Media Centre to your E drive in apps folder, in XBMC folder.

    Go to Evox network settings and see if you can see the IP address its using make a note of this and connect it to your hub or router via a straight cable. Or via a crossover cable stright to your computers network card.

    Download "Flash FXP" and try to connect to your xbox with the IP address and username: xbox password: xbox port:21. You need to make sure your firewall is not going to block the connection.


    Or you could try downloading "Craxion 4" and converting the contents of the XBMC folder to an ISO and then burning it to disc using "DVD Decrypter" or "Nero" (or something else). You would then need to insert the disc into your Xbox and (I dout that it will start automatically) then go into your file browser and copy the contents of the disc to E:\Apps\XBMC.


    You could try just going to launch (at bottem of list in EvoX)and select then select Apps, the fitter may have already installed some programs for you.
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