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x-ecuter lite v2.1 bios flashing

Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by gblythe, May 22, 2004.

  1. gblythe

    gblythe Guest

    hello all, i need to know if i've flashed my bios correctly. I think i've done everything right because i got to the part about the flashing update in progress and then it turns off. That's what my instructions said it would do. so now what? What do i do after the power turns off? I think i have the right bios if not can someone help me with the up-to-date bios. I have the excuter2 lite modchip. pls help ty
  2. ProMod33

    ProMod33 Member

    May 21, 2004
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    you7 flashed it correctly, now all you need to do is get evox on it, then ftp to your xbox. You need to download nero, you most likely have it because you probably used it to make your bios cd. Go to www.nero.com and select free trial, and download package 1. download xiso and evox build 3935 from www.x-b-o-x.net, must register but takes like 5 min. its free. open the evox build3935 with winrar, http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm, and select the top one, winrar 3.30. Then once you open it up in winrar, take the files in there and extract them as they are to the desktop. put all of these files in a folder called Evox, then open the extracted evox.ini file and follow this guide, http://vidgms4me.tripod.com/xbox/The_Complete_Evox_ini_Guide.html, make sure if you have a stock hard disk drive then change all of the f: partition things you see to e temporarily til' you get a new hdd for your games. save your changes to the evox.ini file and save it back to the extracted folder Evox on your desktop(same exact place). Then open xiso and make an iso of the Evox folder on your desktop. save that xiso to the desktop. Open up Nero and exit the new complication screen but not nero itself. dvd-r for thompson dvd-rom drive. cd-rw for samsung. The click recorder up top and select burn image. make it disc at once/96 and slow as possible, 4x works fine. Then boot up the xbox with mod chip on unprotected, w/e bank will boot up doesnt matter. and put cd when booting xbox, should load evox. happy trails.

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