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Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by DOOM3666, May 1, 2005.

  1. DOOM3666

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    May 1, 2005
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    Hello all i picked up an X3 The you know best ones, HAAHAH! anyway 3 months later the chip still dont work, ok i tracked things down to i need a Memory bank switch, ok i got a connector that fits the chip perfectly, and i think ive tracked the first, i believe 5 or so wires to all be memory banks, and all on one ground, but then there seem to be a few wires i cant frace, then it seems to be the flash protect at the very end. theres 12 wires in all, do i even need all 12 wires?? anyone know the circuit layout or anything??? Or maybe some really super hardcore electronic junkey will read this and find out for me .... Please i know someone can give am an answer, i have an Xbox 1.0 and an X3 and the switch has never worked, im guessing, so its never worked. Ive looked on the internet for just that part and its like 1.50, But of corse you need a 20.95 limit, so ide rather try maken my own, and if it all frys at least i have a reason to spend more than a buck fifty, ive gotz the skillz to pay da billz - i defrag my hard drive for thrills, i can make it but i cant find anything on the chip and i dont have the switch anymore i droped my andvil on it the otherday. so if anyone cah help me even a few up close pics of the switch box with out the cover on it would be a great start, i just need to know the layouts of it thats all please help me JIMBO
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