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x497-not unlocking, just problem with the cable.. please help

Discussion in 'Samsung discussion' started by duboy1, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. duboy1

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    Oct 23, 2003
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    Hello. I have a problem with my x497. What happens is that whenever i plug in my x426 usb cable to the phone, no matter what, it turns the phone off and i cant turn it back on until i unhook the battery and plug it back in. Is this because i am using an x426 usb cable, even if the cable does hook into the phone fine? Now i know there is a cable on ebay - e700 - that i could get and try cause ive seen threads from others saying that it worked to unlock their phones, but i was just making sure it was the cable that was my problem. Well any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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