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.XBE Patching question :P

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by Tymoor, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Tymoor

    Tymoor Guest

    Ok - I have read a lot of information about XBE patching (because my modded box should be arriving very shortly :D) but still have a question or two.

    If anybody can shed some light on the following please:

    1. When the Default.XBE file is patched, it changes the "media descriptor" within. Does this mean that no check is made against the source media (thus allowing bootup from either backup DVD-R or HDD)?

    2. Newer games seem to have a further protection than the standard media check (i.e. the FATX check which I assume checks to see if the game is HDD installed), is there an APP that checks for this and can patch it too?

    3. Is Qwix generally accepted as the better patcher than say Craxtion?

    Any help hugely appreciated :p


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  2. clarky

    clarky Regular member

    Feb 2, 2004
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    It removes the media flag which prevents the game from being rejected so to speak. Most decent chips are self patching anyway so if you forget to patch your .xbe files you probably wont notice anyway. If you intend to play of the hdd most of the apps will patch the files as they install the game anyway. If you prefer to do it manually you can too. Just ftp the file over, patch it, ftp it back.

    The only other problem associated with hdd game transfer is the very rare problem with specific games such as James Bond EON which requires a specific patch. As far as i am aware fat x is a long filename problem. Nothing to do with a special patch of any kind. I am 95% sure that dvd2xbox 0.59 renames long filenames automatically anyway.

    Qwix and craxtion both seem to PATCH equally well, normally its the iso's that differ. Qwix works a lot better with games with very small multiple files. such as alias. Apparently craxtion wont make a working copy of fable, while qwix does. I am yet to try this myself as the game is not released here yet.
  3. Tymoor

    Tymoor Guest

    Thanks for the reply Clarky :p

    Ok - so is it fair to say that if I go through the normal process of FTPing a backup straight from D: drive (XBox) to PC folder, patching, creating an ISO and then burning it, the copy - IF working from DVD-r backup - should also work from HDD?

    I want to play mainly from the HDD, but want to keep backups on DVD-r also (incase of HDD failure). Is it best to burn an *unpatched and unmodified* ISO to DVD-r so that when the game is transferred to HDD, it can be patched as much as necessary but I will always be able to go back to step 1 if required (even though the unpatched backup on DVD-r will not work anyway)?

    I know that sounds crazy, but at least that way I don't end up with a coaster but instead a backup that can be repeatedly copied and patched on HDD until it works.

    I am getting the Xecutor 2.3b lite - does it patch games "on the fly" then? This would remove the need for patching the DEFAULT.XBE wouldn't it?

    Please advise (and sorry for the lengthy questions - just need to get my head round it and am almost there I think) :)


  4. technoob

    technoob Newbie

    May 21, 2020
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    Yo, sorry for bumping this thread
    But is there a specific patch for Amped Freestyle Snowboarding? I've tried launching it from the HDD but it always gives me the disc error problem
    Second question: how can a xbe be un-patched ? Maybe my version of the game has a patched xbe, that's why it doesn't load properly ?

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