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Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by alex_dc22, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. alex_dc22

    alex_dc22 Guest

    ok i had to update my media player cus some naruto episodes didnt wanted to work....then it turns out that they have XBMC and it kicks major butt..
    wich is here that i have a problen....i was able to setup relax to stream my videos from the pc using the cross-over cable...works fine..

    but i see that xbmc has more options that i would like to use...like the weather thing and the imbd...
    how can i use those...am stuck...i even enabled ics and still nothing happens...and everytime i try to get somewhere besides the relax thing...it says acces denied....

    i looked at xboxmediacenter.de for help...but i still dont get it..

    so if anybody cares to help i would much apreciated...been messing with it for 2 days and still no luck :(

  2. scottas

    scottas Guest

    Make sure your internet connection is set up to share on the pc.
  3. alex_dc22

    alex_dc22 Guest

    i can use flash fxp fine and i can stream with relax fine....also ics is enabled...what else do i need??
  4. alex_dc22

    alex_dc22 Guest

    i have also created a network and am able to view my avi files from the shared video folder without relax....

    but still my wheater just says N/A...
    and movie trailers dont work either...neither does internet radio....
    and yes i tried to put in my zip code but it dont change when i hit enter..it stays on default...

    even tho i can see my networked folders and am able to ftp to my xbox....why is this happening??

    please some one help since ive been to manual.xboxmediacenter.de but it dont say much...ive been trying for days....could some one please help me
    ...what do i have to do for some one to help me around here :(

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