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XBOW will not play sports games online

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by thump, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. thump

    thump Guest

    I have had my xbox now for a few months. The main reason that i got it is for online gaming. I am new to it and I have Tiger woods golf and I can't seem to stay online to play a full game. Now I have called xbox and spent endless hours talking to their half brain idiots about what to do.I have went round and round about what it could be for example I have a router which I just picked up a new one to replace a older modle. I called linksys and the told me how to open all the ports on it. I have restarted the xbox and my modem a number of times. Now they thell me that it is a EA sports server problem. But funny thing is they tell me that they haven't had any other complants about it . So am I the only one. Now I have football and tennis. They don't work well either.
    I have Halo 2 and it works fine. Can anyone give my some help in possibly fixing the problem. Could it be that my xbox has a problem with it?
  2. Sahin_J

    Sahin_J Guest

    yo u know they might be right that EA has a server problem, its bull when they tell u that ur the only guy. i dont think ur xbox has any problems if u just bought it.

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