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xbox 360 help

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by p_fortt, May 12, 2007.

  1. p_fortt

    p_fortt Member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    hi everyone i did not make my self clear last time after a bit of searching the net i have discovered that to backup my 360 games i need
    xbox 360 (flashed)
    a samsung drive which has keron firmware
    dual layer dvd writer
    dual layer media
    xbox creator
    and a burning program

    then i need to put original xbox 360 game in samsung drive open xbox creator then click open drive then start and xbox creator should rip and burn game then place into xbox 360 and play is this correct
    also i heard u can backup games by placingt an xbox 360 game your xbox 360 and a black disc in a your dual layer and burn using a firmware 0800 as long as the xbox 360 is connected to the pc

    also can someone tell me if the old xbox originals and backups can be played on a 360 and if so how do i need to install an emulator on the 360 hardrive or is there another way

    thanks in advance for all replies
  2. steimy

    steimy Active member

    Dec 2, 2004
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    The Samsung drive will be the easiest method for making your back ups. They have the SH-D162C (IDE) and SH-D163A (SATA) depending what type of slots your PC has.
    The above is correct as far as what you need.
    Verbatim 2X to 6X DVD+R DL is my choice for media
    Xbox Backup Creator V2.4 is what i would use
    IMGburn V2.1 to burn to a disc but you have to manually set the layer break the first time by doing this:
    tools-->settings-->write-->layer break. Check user specified and set it to 1913760. Click ok and burn as normal. This is only necessary the first time burning a 360 game

    as far as playing regular xbox games (originals), it can. As long as you have the latest updates for your 360 (which if you have xbox live you will) and the game must be on the backwards compatibility list as well. Now if you plan on playing back ups of Xbox 1 games that is a bit different. They have to be made a specific way so that they play on the 360, and once you do that the back up will ONLY play on your 360 and not your Xbox. How you mak them depends on which DVD drive your 360 has. A samsung that is flashed can play a regular DVD5 (4.7GB) disc. But the Hitachi can not so all Xbox games would have to be copied on DVD9 (dual layer) discs.

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