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xbox burning statistics / pls check and reply

Discussion in 'Xbox - Backup discussion' started by jimmiscom, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. jimmiscom

    jimmiscom Member

    Feb 17, 2005
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    just for the statistics..
    pls write the followings
    - xbox DVD-rom type (Philips,samsung,thomson)
    - DVD media type u r using for burning
    - Speed burning
    - software's for ftp and burning that u r using
    - about how many games you've burn with success

    i think we will help a lot of people with that.

  2. jayquik03

    jayquik03 Regular member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    Philips -
    Vertabrin, Sony, Ritek, Memorex, Fugi Film - DVDR -
    Memorex CD-RW, Fugi Film DVDRW -
    8x all -
    Simple x for extracting or creating .iso -
    About 15 games with each -

    Samsung -
    Same DVD Disc's -
    Same CDRW and DVDRW -
    Same Speed -
    Same Programs -
    Same Games -
    All Work's

    Thomson -
    Same DVD Disc's Vertabrin Doesnt always work! -
    CD-RW May take a few boot's and DVDRW Rarely! -
    Same Speed -
    Same Programs -
    Same Games -
    Sometimes an iffy drive for me... Slower speeds better capability!

    I've ruined a many xbox myself that's why I have the 3 drives I've actually swaped out drives here and there to test games working capabilities. and found that for me Thompson is the less reliable drive of them all. I think it's more the drive than the data DVD's. With one last comment my friend gave me some Green Value Disc DVD+R's and I'd like to comment that they suck dont use them, lol. All the dvd's I use are DVD+R or +RW because my burner is a DVD+RW drive. I've never had a problem using someone else's -RW or -R disc and I dont belive this has made a diffrence either. I have over 75 backups and all of them are +R or +RW. So for the record I dont belive -or+ is better just what your drive will read...

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