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Xbox Harddrive Died!!!

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by berryfin, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. berryfin

    berryfin Guest

    My xbox harddrive died, Its not modded at all. ITs the firt genaration of xboxs, ver 1.0 Ive have another xbox in my home, ive tried to back up the files from that one to another harddrive. But it dont work because it locked computer wont read the harddrve. Is there any way to unlock the harddrive and copy the files to the other harddrive with modding the xbox?

  2. SwordsG

    SwordsG Regular member

    Aug 5, 2006
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    well its a problem i see that
    hard one because you need the pc to unlock it or idea
    try looking for someone who repairs pc's becuase most hard drives can plug in a pc maybe that person can get the data for you
    i rember when my laptop died i got a man named jef or something like that he got all my data to disk for me

    life saver
    good luck
  3. berryfin

    berryfin Guest

    I can repair computers it just i dont know what i need to unluck the xbox harddrive? and once i get the files how will they work on the other xbox?
    So one gave harddrive files from theres but i cant get them to work.
  4. Steel3685

    Steel3685 Guest

    Hopefully u guys can answer my problem. I installed the softmod unleash X and Evox. I deleted the ms dash. I keep getting an error code 16. Please tell me how I can fix this. Is it possible to put a new hardrive in. I cant play anygames on the syaytem. Please give me a newbie tutorial or just some advice. Thanks guys!!!!
  5. blake123

    blake123 Guest

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