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Xbox Mods - Clarifing Questions

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by Xplayer, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. Xplayer

    Xplayer Guest

    Hey all - as you seem to know what the hell is going on I have a few questions to clarify all the various threads. I'm looking to mod my xbox and possibly upgrade my HDD, and maybe in the future get onto XBL. Note: this is only to backup my current gms b/c I dont like using retail if at all possible to avoid scratching. I know I need original to get to XBL - but I have them so no prob. So any help would be greatful.

    1. Better mod - Xenium or Xecutor (2.6 , 3)?
    2. Solder vs Solderless
    2a. If I get solderless (cause I'm not proficient soldering) can I remove the solderless adaptor and then solder the chip or are they even close to being the same?
    2b. If I solder - is this easy or should I be concerned w/ really messing up the motherboard?
    3. I've done some reading on the BIOS, thus I find that the preflashed Cromwell needs to be updated to play backups. What the hell is the difference in them all and/or best for above mod options?
    4. After updating BIOS - I don't understand the dashboard update, why is this needed and where are some tutorials for this?
    5. Is this whole process REALLY worth the effort?

    Just some general questions from a Noob that is a bit confused by all the different threads. Thanks all for your input.

    Any advise or hints, please pm me for email exchange for further info.
    Many thanks.
  2. Xplayer

    Xplayer Guest

    OOps... forgot to mention that I have yet opened my Xbox so the version is currently unconfirmed. However using some of the other guides.. I've figured out it's at the least a 1.1 possible a bit higher.
  3. AV8B_USMC

    AV8B_USMC Member

    Nov 30, 2004
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    If your not good at soldering, or don't know anyone good at soldering I say go with the solderless because all that holds it on is one screw. So if you want to solder it later it's no problem.
    The bios need to be reflashed because the cromwell ones that come with chips won't play backups. It's illegal to sell chips with the bios to play backups already on it.
    The dashboard is needed in order to copy the xbox games.
    Check out this guide, http://www.teamxodus.com/pictures/Manuals/iceguide.pdf it's for the xenium ice but also has info about the evolution-x dashboard and other stuff like how to figure out what version your xbox is without opening it up.

    Hope this helps you out some.

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