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xbox mods??

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by Who_U, May 31, 2009.

  1. Who_U

    Who_U Member

    Jan 20, 2009
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    can i put a USB plug in an xbox unit or controller? i want to be able to play the dreaded 'MKV' file... (friends home videos) is it possible, once this is done, to use it as a drive that can be transfered back and forth between pc and xbox? also, can i set this up as a drive it can read and play from??

    any help would be wonderful

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  2. varnull

    varnull Guest

    no no and again no .. all you can use an xbox front port for is a controller or a memory card. They will access them just like usb ports running linux.. but then there isn't anything like enough balls in an xbox to play an x264 video.

    completely redundant topic.. as a quick search would have showed.

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