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XBOX Needs Service - PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by Threet76, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Threet76

    Threet76 Member

    Sep 24, 2004
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    I turn on my XBOX and the XBOX Logo comes up, but then it goes to a screen that says XBOX needs service with a 05 and other times 07 in the left corner. I tried realigning my mod chip, but it keeps going back to the same screen every time i reboot. Someone please help me out here. Thanks
  2. yankeered

    yankeered Regular member

    Nov 16, 2003
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    When you attempt to boot, a 'you need service' message comes up, and has a LED style number on thetop left hand corner. Here is what they mean.

    This information is a believed to be correct, should be as close as it gets;
    Bootloader stuff you should never see, since if it fails kernel doesn't boot. (thus you see no message)

    Code Who sets it - Description

    0 - any - No error (duh)

    1 - bootldr - Unknown exactly, something to do with checking the motherboard

    2 - bootldr - Eeprom check failed

    3 - bootldr - ??/not used

    4 - bootldr - Ram check failed

    5 - kernel - HDD not locked (retail bioses require the hd to be locked)

    6 - kernel - Cannot unlock HDD

    7 - kernel - HDD timeout

    8 - kernel - No HDD found

    9 - kernel - HDD parameters (PIO/DMA/or size {debug}, certain size minimum is required for debug)

    10 - kernel - DVD timeout

    11 - kernel - No DVD Founnd

    12 - kernel - DVD parameters (PIO/DMA)

    13 - kernel - Dashboard launch fail (due to missing/bad key, or anything else that would prevent it from running) and the dashboard didn't specify why it failed.

    14 - dashboard - Error loading dashboard (dashboard generic error)

    15 - - ??/not used

    16 - dashboard - Other files to do with dashboard / dashboard settings (specific dashboard error)

    17 - - ??/not used

    18 - - ??/not used

    19 - - ??/not used

    20 - kernel - The dashboard was attempted to load and failed; It was a cold boot, and the dashboard didn't specify why it failed, but it (for some reason) needed to be noted that the dvd passed the challenge/response authentication

    21 - anywhere - This error says that the machine was booted to display a error, basically someone told the machine to reboot (or launch a xbe) with this flag, and the error code just means its been rebooted by the flag

    In closing:

    21 was the highest number I could find, I dont think anynthing is past that. And for the unknown ones, I couldn't find anyreference to them at all, I don't believe they are used.

    Greets to everyone (who is contributing) in the homebrew scene.

    check your ide cable or possibly replace.
    some kind of harddrive error

    TOPLOADER Member

    May 25, 2003
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    Threet76 i would say you have bent or broken a pin in the hard drive where the ide cable plugs in
  4. sjchu

    sjchu Regular member

    May 19, 2004
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    My quess is that you have installed a BIG hard drive into your xbox. And, the big drive is not locked. You are now booting from the original BIOS instead of from the modchip BIOS.
    Check your switch if you have one. Or if you are using one like Aladdin that uses power switch to select which BIOS to boot from, make sure you press the power switch long enough till the power LED turns orange.

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