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Discussion in 'Xbox - Software discussion' started by desosav, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. desosav

    desosav Member

    Oct 30, 2004
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    recently i 've downloaded evolutionX version .3935 and i followed the instructions to install it on my xbox(never before have i tried something like this)!! so i burned a dvdrw and then i loaded with xbox and the evox dashboard appeared on my tv... the next step according to the instructions was to make a network connection and with a ftp client to connect...
    the fact is that the ftp does not connect...
    i does not use a hub/router so i asked for a crossover cable at a nearby store and they gave me this:cable patch cat.5e,stp,crosswire!!! any ideas of what am i doing wrong?
    (i have not flashed the bios yet..)
    _X_X_X_X_X_[small]P4 3@3,45Ghz||2x256mb ram|| nvidia 5900sp@470/780||dvdrw plextor 712a||soundblaster audigy platinum||[/small]
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  2. BiGG-L

    BiGG-L Guest

    aight flash your bios first. download FlashFXP on to your computer. put in the bott cd u made for evox. go to utilities. look at static ip, if that says yes u have to make another cd sorry to say. To change it before u burn the cd u open evox.ini file. delete where it says static ip yes and make it say no. aight now make your new cd and put it in your xbox. when it boots up check it once more to see if it says no. if it does that is good you dont have to make another cd. now look at your ip adress where it says IP at the top of the list right under where it says DHCP. now go to FlashFXP go to quick connect type in the IP address that u seen under (server URL) then for your (user name) type in xbox. for your password type in xbox also. now press connect. you should see all your folders at the window at the right. click on the C drive. put your EVOX.INI file in your evoxdash.xbe file in and your skin ,trainer files in there also. if you have a xbox dash board alreay in then rename it to msxboxdash.xbe. now restart your xbox without the cd in. evox should come up. now reconnect to your xbox with FlashFXP and go take your EVOX.INI file and drag it to the left window into your documents or some where. open it up and go down to where it says #AudioPlayer and MSDashBoard you'll se where it say xboxdash.xbe next to them. change them both to msxboxdash.xbe. save that file. go to where your evox.ini file is in your xbox folder under the C folder. and right click and press delete. drag the new evox.ini file you just edited into the C folder where the old evox.ini file was. now reboot your xbox, and click on MS DASHBOARD and it will bring you to your regular dahsboard. Hope this help cuz that was alot of fuckin typin

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