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Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by tommyl, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. tommyl

    tommyl Guest

    i was just wondering if anyone has heard of the new spiderchip that is solderless on v1.6 consoles the page is h**p:/www.spiderchip.com and how good it is thanks
  2. erkme73

    erkme73 Member

    Dec 7, 2004
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    Tommy, you are pathetic. Folks, Tommy has promised for two weeks that he sent a spikderchip to me. Tommy, POST THE BAD CHECK! Like and idiot, I sent him cash. He wouldn't accept personal checks, and I didn't have time to run to get a money order so I sent cash.

    If anyone wants to read how the topic progressed, go to :

    Here's a recap of what happened, and why Tommy is posting this about me:

    Over the last two weeks, I have corresponded with Mr. Leretsis via phone and email at least 10 times. When the chip hadn’t arrived after a reasonable amount of time, Mr. Leretsis claimed he’d DHL a replacement chip with “NEXT DAY AIR” service. When asked for the tracking number (two days after it hadn’t shown up), Mr. Leretsis claimed DHL would contact me via email with the tracking number.

    For the last two days I have warned Mr. Leretsis that I would post his personal contact information if I did not receive a DHL tracking number by 12pm EST on December 23. He responded by asking that I not publish his private information – and that he would refund my money (which he supposedly never received either). I do not have the time or patience to wait another two week only to find out my money has not been refunded.

    Since I have not received a tracking number by the deadline, I can only conclude that the shipment never actually took place, and that his posts marketing his $20 chips are a ploy to defraud newbies (myself included) into sending him money. As I’d originally stated, I was willing to take a risk of sending $20 to a complete stranger – figuring if I was duped, I could afford to look the other way. I’m sure this is precisely what Mr. Leretsis is banking on. Well, out of principle, my payment of $20 entitles me to reveal his ploy to any and all unsuspecting potential victims.

    Mr. Leretsis, should I receive a tracking number, and a working product as your previous posts claim, I will gladly delete this post. Until then, your privacy is no more.

    Thomas Leretsis
    321 east 24th street
    Erie,pa 16503

    Email: buddy2438@ma.rr.com
    Cell phone: 814-504-0799

    Out of fairness, if anyone would like an unaltered copy of the email correspondence between myself and Mr. Leretsis, please post here, and I’ll be happy to provide it.

  3. Quadratic

    Quadratic Regular member

    Nov 19, 2004
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    I suggest you delete that last part very quickly. You can get banned for that. I understand you're angry, but if you really wanted to get back at him go to a more bigger, immature forum like the IGN Vestibule (hehe)

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