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Xbox360 burning games onto single layer disc

Discussion in 'Xbox - Games' started by ignite10, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. ignite10

    ignite10 Guest

    i was just wounderin ,if i have a game for the 360 which is say 250mb ,can i use a normal 4.7 gig single layer disc to burn it on.and wud it still load on my flashed 360.
    or do u still have to use an 8.5 DL .

    just want to know if anyone have try it and sucseed.

    it wud be great for anyone out the to make a program so we can just play the games off a hard drive so no use of discs,,like the nintendo wii

    any good ideas will be brilll
  2. miketrev

    miketrev Regular member

    Feb 1, 2009
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    The only way a single layer disk will work is on the old extreme 5.3 firmware with a Samsung drive. Its not worth it TBH

    They have, its called the JTAG hack, lets you play games off your hard drive with no disk!

    BTW, youve posted in the wrong forum, the Xbox 360 forum is HERE

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