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Xecuter 2.6 lite problems

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by and1balla, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. and1balla

    and1balla Guest

    ive been reading some of the post.alright my problem is that every time the xbox loads up with the modchip enabled it just countinues to reboot until red and green countinue to flash where the button to open the cd-rom is blinking.

    plz give me an awnser
  2. corrupt1

    corrupt1 Member

    Jan 17, 2005
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    Universal solderless adapter
    V1.4 Xbox
    Xecuter 2.6 lite
    I spent hours trying to get this set-up to work. All I ever got was rebooting and fragging. Then I noticed that the solderless adapter did not have as many pins As the pogo pin adapter that came with my chip. After many failed attempts with the sodlerless, I Then took the wire harness with the three wires red, green, and gray and hooked it into the chip. Then stuck the end of the gray wire into the DO point ontop of the mother board " Took me a minute to get that" then secured it with electrical tape." stick it directly onto the mother board" Use the pogo pin adapter and held pressure on the side of the chip so it leans the same way the arrow is pointing on the chip. I powered the xbox on and shazam!!!!!! Got the flash bios screen. I then secured it that way with some super adhesive tape works great. Solderless without the adapter. When securing the chip leaning like that it almost touches the mother board. This worked really great been that way for a while no probs. Hope this helps someone whos having problems with the solderless adapter or who doesn't know how to solder.

    Coreect me if I'm wrong but has anoyone using the Universal solderless adapter gotten this to work?
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