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xecuter 2.6

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by smb2004, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. smb2004

    smb2004 Guest

    i just put in a xecuter 2.6 and a new 120 gb hdd in my xbobx (mfg:2004-11-23, so i asssume 1.6), with the chip turned off and the orignal hdd it runs fine, but with the chip on it tries to boot then the eject button flashed green/red. i have seen other posts like this but cant seem to find an answer. all my soldering seems to be ok. i did noticed that none of the led's on the switch chip light up. i downloaded slayers 2.6 and burned the .iso to a cd and am tring to boot to that. but with the chip on i cant do anything. any ideas?
  2. smb2004

    smb2004 Guest

    also, when i have the chip off and the orig hdd in the sound doesnt work. what could cause this?
  3. PicStyle

    PicStyle Guest

    i have the same problem. if you find out what the problem is please email me at bigtubesteak400@hotmail.com

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