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Xecuter 3 or Xenuim Ice?

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by genocidal, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. genocidal

    genocidal Member

    Oct 21, 2004
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    I am thinking about buying a mod chip for my box.. i jsut wanted to know alittle info / flaws / or etc between the 2.. i was thinkin i was going to go for the xenium since it doesnt require soddering. but for some reason im alittle nervous that by lookin at the features between the 2.. the xecutor 3 has way more advanced and cool options.[although half the stuff on the features i have no clue about lol].and the xenium looks like it has some cool features as well.. can someone help me or suggest anything. please.. i need to buy 1 of these chips asap :) oh and btw.. im a xbox live addict so i need to be on the safe side 24 /7 and being human we all make mistakes and forget to shut things off and i want to avoid a ban and all that crap ...
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  2. Pat_b_30

    Pat_b_30 Guest

    boy are you lucky i read this message..i have 2 xbox's and in 1 of them i have the xenium ice and in the other i have the xecuter 3. and to be honest with you the xecuter does have more options but i rarely use many of them. Even though the xenium has less options it has all the ones i use so its just as good as the xecuter and pesonally i find the xenium is much motre esy to install and to use. its quality is just as good as any other solder chips... so i would recommend the xenium

    hope i helped you out

  3. Bravo568

    Bravo568 Guest

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