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Xecuter Front Switch Not lighting Up

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by Demonix90, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Demonix90

    Demonix90 Guest

    I just installed the Xecuter3 CE modchip, have a 1.6b so the rebuild was also done. After connecting everything I turned on the Xbox. The modchip lights blue, so I know that's right. I also have the LCD plug and play panel, which also doesn't work. The panel doesnt light up, nor do any of the HD/LAN lights, on either frontswitch. I have tried all methods and button combonations for booting the Xbox to get the chip to flash, but it doesn't seem to work. I know all the solder points are correct, or the modchip would even light blue?

    Secondly, if anyone knows how to get the LCD Panel working, that would help. It's supposed to be plug n play, theres only 2 wires that connect to the chip itself...

    Lastly, I still have UnleashX installed. I was told that wouldn't matter since the chips are flashed, but since the frontswitch doesn't lightup...my Xbox boots to the softmod. Any help would be appreciated, spent 3 hours soldering. Removing everything after finding out I did something wrong would be...unfathomable.
  2. Demonix90

    Demonix90 Guest

    Every time I boot the Xbox, the clock asks for time, then goes straight to the M§ Dash. My light turns orange, indicating the softmod is active. I can get to the soft dash by booting the Xbox with the §layer disc I made (3 burns all apparently blank?). I did accidently delete I file, so now I am going to restore my Xbox with hdm, then try again to boot it with the modchip connected. Wish me luck =/
  3. Demonix90

    Demonix90 Guest

    I now have A1D 4.5, burned it, and it works. I installed XBMC to my softmodded HD, works fine. I see there are modchip installers, such as Evo, Aval, etc. I was about to install it, but it will reformat my HD. I am wondering if the Front switch, which has the 4 bank switches and the 5th protect switch, is supposed to be lit up or not. My modchip lights blue, and if I'm correct that means the D0 is soldered right. I'm posotive all the solders are correct, HD LAN, pcb rebuild, etc. I am wondering if after installing one of the mods, like EvoX, will the frontswitch then light up? Allowing me to mess with the banks, enable 256k backup, etc.
  4. Demonix90

    Demonix90 Guest

    I installed the Evox Modchip files, along wile various other apps, including Linux (XDSL). All work great. To my understanding, all of these don't work right without the modchip? I still don't have the HD/Lan lights lighting up, or the Xecuter logo. I was able to backup my 33prom as well.

    My question is, is my Xbox still fully softmodded and able to run these programs installed from the A1D disc? It boots up with UnleashX, but I can then goto E:\ and find the .xbe for Evo, Ava, etc, and they all work. Or is my Xbox mixed with both a softmod and ability to run the other stuff due to modchip.

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