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Xecuter pro fucked up,,,,

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by arield123, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. arield123

    arield123 Guest

    I just got my xecuter 2.2pro (xbox v1.1)
    and I tried to install biso and it got stuck in the middle so I turned my xbox off
    and now it wont work (the xecuter) it will turn on and off and get stuck in a black screen... I manage to make it work with button no. 3 and I need to install bios...
    what can I do (i'm afraid to fusk it up again..) what bios to use? I want to play my cd-rw back up games.. PLEASE HELP ME I read almost all of this forms and it didnt helped me (you can E-mail me what to do:
    arield123@hotmail.co.il or use this form
  2. arield123

    arield123 Guest

    is there a way to fix it up again????
  3. daryl2cb

    daryl2cb Guest

    Was your chip sent preflashed? (cromwell Bios) If so, set switch 4 to on and all others 1,2,3 off (1 mb file) find the 4977 evolution x bios and download x2bm(bios manager) chances are that this will recover it. YOu can still flash the pro with the red/green frag light blinking.

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