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Xecuter2 Bios Problems

Discussion in 'Xbox - General discussion' started by willow82, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. willow82

    willow82 Member

    Oct 6, 2003
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    Hey all,

    Ok im a complete beginner at this game and have been following loads of tutorials to get it all working.

    I have installed the Xecuter 2 lite plus (no solder one) and it is loading up the Linux 1.8 Bios with the Penguin in the corner.

    It moves between the chip setup and boot from cd.

    I have inserted the bios discs that I have created (following the instructions real close) and inserted the DVD-R. It loads the cd, then comes up with
    "loading linuxboot.cfg from CDROM ..... Unable to find it, Halting"

    I have followed all the instructions that are specific to my version 1.0 and am now stuck!!

    What Bios do i need, whats this linuxboot.cfg file! aaaahhhh all confused, if there is anyone out there who can help please do!!!

  2. sdfile

    sdfile Member

    Sep 26, 2003
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    Follow the steps below!
    Written by U2mir from www.xecuter2.com

    It works great for me..

    MAKING THE FLASH CD. Look, ignore those outdated tutorials using OZXFLASH. You don't need that anymore, You really hacked dont need it.. the new cromwell can flash on its own.
    1) Download a good hacked bios from the usual sources. I suggest the X24977.bin(256K) bios, really works!

    2) FLASH ONLY one of the two banks! That way if you mess it up you can reboot to cromwell and try again. Here's how:

    3) FIRE UP X2BE. Choose 512k bios. Yes, 512k, not 1mb! Fill in the first two banks with your X2 hacked bios that you downloaded. Then save the results as bios.bin (the default file.)

    4) BURN IT. Get Nero and a blank CDRW. Take a 100mb random file on your HDD. Rename it to 0dummy.bin.( I use winzip to compile my file about 100MB and save it as winzip.. it worked also)The 100MB file I used MP3 songs and compile as Odummy.zip file.
    Add this file and your bios.bin file to your compilation. Burn at 2x, DAO/96, FINISH CD. This is your BIOS CD.

    5) FLASH IT. Turn off your XBOX. Set the external switches to "ENABLED, BANK 2, UNPROTECTED." Turn it on and get cromwell. When it prompts, drop in your newly minted bios CD. Wait for it to do its thing. When its done, it will turn off the XBOX.

    6) USE IT. With the power still off, set the external switches to "ENABLED, BANK 1, PROTECTED." Say a quick prayer and turn on your XBOX. You should get a flubber with the Xecutor 2 message. Congrats!

    IF YOU EVER NEED TO REFLASH, just set the external switches, with the power off, to "ENABLED, BANK 2, UNPROTECTED" . Then turn on your XBOX. It should boot into Cromwell and you can then reflash your bios.


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