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Xecuter3 CE question Need help

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by Phill729, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Phill729

    Phill729 Guest

    Ok i have a 1.6 xbox i lost my dashboard from delieting the aid 2.11 i had in it. So no dashboard. Ok i just got an Xecuter 3 CE solderless and put it in . No flash done by me it is streight from factory as is (modchip) how can i get this to boot so i can boot to a Auto installer cd so i can repaire my dashboard.?. Oh yeah everytimg it goes into the flashbios settings i cannot navigate with controller. The controller worked before i put chip in. Please someone if u can reply with an answer to get me passed this stage.
    If ya want an email to send to its Godz_Computer_Tech@yahoo.com
  2. Voodooz

    Voodooz Guest

    Have you been on the teamxecuter site? They have tutorials on fitting the chip and flashing the chip bios to get you started.
    You will need to download the bios from somewhere like #xbins(tutorial on xbox-scene).
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  3. TheReturn

    TheReturn Guest

  4. Phill729

    Phill729 Guest

    Thankyou very much for that info.
    Now my problem is on top of not flashing it yet is
    The dvd drive is now dead and cannot navigate with controller.
    Gonna try to use a PC dvd drive Temporarly to see if i can get the flash to work from the cd.
  5. TheReturn

    TheReturn Guest

    you can flash bios via ftp or http on X3 too.
  6. Phill729

    Phill729 Guest

    Now for my next question is i have been looking all over for the correct bios to use for the xecuter 2CE lite chip on a 1.2V xbox
    Everywhere i look all i keep comming up with is the x3.
    BTW thanks for the info i now have the 1.6 xbox back up and running now. LOL Now all i got to do with it is replace the bad dvd rom drive in that one.

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