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Xvid (1.85:1) to DVD

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by sbunny, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. sbunny

    sbunny Guest


    I am a newbie and have read the guides. I tried multiple programs to try and convert a XviD AVI to DVD but with no joy and was curious if anyone had come across this particular problem before or could offer any advice.

    I have a Xvid AVI, which according to GSpot 2.21 is 528*288 with MP3 Audio. I would like to burn this to DVD and have tired using TMPGENC Plus to convert it, but whatever I seem to do the file size is always too large to fit on a DVD.

    The original AVI file size is 696 MB and I think the source is 1.85:1 NTSC.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Stressed Bunny
  2. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    its about 90 minutes of video right.
    and you want to fit it into a single dvd.

    try using the wizard and check its size on cbr, in the wizard there will be a meter of file size estimation. if you want to use 2pass vbr put the cbr value on the average in the vbr settings.

    just to be save put the bitrate a little less.
  3. sbunny

    sbunny Guest

    The movie is 1:49 (109 mins) CBR is 1150 23.976fps Audio: Layer 2 48000Hz 192Kbps.

    On page 4/5 of the project wizard though the movie info is 317 mins 34 secs - why?

    I can't get the video bitrate low enough to get the file size to fit on 1 DVD as at 720x480 average of 2000 and audio of 192 it is 120.66% disk capacity and I can't lower the average video bit rate anymore.

    Am I missing something? Could there be something wrong with the XdiV avi? - although it plays in windows media player fine and reports the movie as 1:49.

    Although if you preview it in TMPEnc Plus there is a lot of black at the end of the film, is this normal? The preview slidder goes to 5 hours 17 (456821 frames)?

    What settings should I use to preserve the 1:1.85 aspect ratio? Is there an advanced user guide?

    Once again any help is much appreciated.



  4. shiroh

    shiroh Guest

    there sure is a lot of guide out there.
    and this site.

    its better to mention the lenght rather the size cause people use different compression, and the size will varies with the lenght.

    have check the real size of the file in its folder, not with tmpeg ?

    cause if, you're at 2000kbps, which the pic will look crap. i'm pretty sure it will fit and there will be a lot of space left. it seem that tmpgenc mess up some where. the video shouldn't be 300 minutes.

    i can get a 23 minute video on a 700MB CD with average of 3950kbps with audio 192kbps.

    so, according to my calculation (its basic multiply and division) your video would be in the safe area with 5850kbps average and 192kbps.

    this should get you below 4.7GB

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