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XviD conversion using AutoGK ...... Confused,Please help!!!!

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by ripper2k4, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. ripper2k4

    ripper2k4 Member

    Apr 29, 2004
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    I am a newbie ( a week old ;) ) to this encoding stuff. I am using auto GK which is really easy.

    I started out by encoding a movie (2hr 38min long) using AutoGK 1.19b and XviD RC4 1.0 codec.
    I understand that good quality means highest possible resolution+bitrate for given size.
    The Auto GK guide says that "Auto width" in advanced settings gives best quality.
    But i tried that and weirdly autoGK settles on some very low resolution (416x208). I tried manual width settings and the bitrate seems to be constant ... so how is this possible? i go on increasing resolution and still bitrate remains constant. am i missing something here?
    The movie quality looks the same in all the 3 cases(atleast to my eye), except for the size difference.

    Please help. It would be nice if ppl can tell me how they approach this encoding job to get a good quality xvid file.

    Here's what i got (file details using gspot):
    AVI File Details
    Filesize.....: 1,400 MB
    Runtime......: 02:38:37
    Video Codec..: XviD
    Audio Codec..: ac3 (0x2000) Dolby Laboratories, Inc
    Audio Bitrate: 192 kb/s (96/ch, stereo) CBR

    try1 (auto width)
    Video Bitrate: 1037 kb/s
    Frame Size...: 416x208 (2.00:1) [=2:1]

    try2 (minimum width 576)
    Video Bitrate: 1037 kb/s
    Frame Size...: 576x288 (2.00:1) [=2:1]

    try3 (minimum width 640)
    Video Bitrate: 1037 kb/s
    Frame Size...: 640x320 (2.00:1) [=2:1]
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  2. carguy696

    carguy696 Guest

    man auto Gk is like the easiets thing ever. U seclected your ifo files. set your output file. use your size and the audio leave auto width. And let auto GK do evrething else. its so simple it does ereything for without doing any. It finds the maximum quality. OR if u want a bit more things to change get GK not auto GK but thats a waste of time really.
  3. Kingd

    Kingd Guest

    ripper2k4: Well i cant explain it in detail because im not really sure why (I never delved too deeply into resolutions, etc) but i do know from experience using GKNOT: The bitrate stays the same, but the quality does not. From what ive seen, bitrate is mainly affected by filesize and how big the video portion of the filesize will be. That's why you get a higher bitrate if you use MP3 as opposed to AC3 audio. From what ive seen in Gknot, resolution affects the compressibility of the movie. The higher the resolution, the lower the compressibility of the movie. That doesnt mean quality is worse, its just a guidline to see how compressible a movie is. In my experience, ive gotten good results with resolutions in the 500's and 600's but thats when ive been able to use custom avisynth scripts and other techniques that can be used in G knot. I'm not sure if they can be used in Auto Gknot. I suggest trying 416x208 or 576x288 and decide which you think is better.

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