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XViD DiVX encoding/resizing from Mpeg 1

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by Lynx_oslo, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Lynx_oslo

    Lynx_oslo Guest


    I have a [bold]VCD[/bold], in good quality, witch I would like to resize up a bit, enhance/sharpen, and convert it to [bold]XViD/DIvX.[/bold]

    Should I use [bold]Tmpgenc[/bold] at first, for the resize and enhancement/sharpening, or could I do the resize in the [bold]DiVX-encoding[/bold], witch I prefer, since my DVD-player is [bold]DiVX-certified[/bold]?

    Yeah, sure I know it will play XViD too, but when people encode QPEL, I have to recode the whole s**t to watch it...

    For the [bold]DiVX-encoding[/bold]: when the bitrate calculator asks me the size of the [bold]audio[/bold]-file, what should I say? The size of the complete [bold]Mpeg1[/bold]-file?

    And the other filesize-number you have to type into the [bold]DiVX[/bold]-encoder, is that the [bold]INPUT[/bold]-filesize, or the preferred [bold]output[/bold] size?

    After posting this, I'll browse the forums, to look for help, but since it has been a while since I've posted something here, I just had to post first...

    [bold]REPLIES WANTED, PLEEZE![/bold](/i]

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  2. celtic_d

    celtic_d Regular member

    Jan 23, 2005
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    Use AVISynth for resizing, sharpening, etc.

    but when people encode QPEL, I have to recode
    Simple. Don't use QPEL, which DivX supports to you know so you could just as easily encode DivX with qpel as XviD with qpel.

    You should enter the filesize of the audio that you are planning to use. So probably re-encode the mp2 audio from the mpg to mp3, although it is possible that your player will play the mp2.

    Output filsize.

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