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xvid palys sound but not image...

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by r34v, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. r34v

    r34v Guest

    i just installed xvid but it only plays sounds for xvid files, the picture just freezes from the start... anyone have an clues, i personally don't even know if i installed it right...
  2. monzaman

    monzaman Guest


    I'm a newbie to BUT i'm really, really, really pissed off that you can't be rsed to read previuos threads why don't you contribute or F OFF. Info COSTS in time or money just go to your nearest effin pc world (*)
  3. r34v

    r34v Guest

    i did read the privious threads but those thread did not contain the info I needed, the problems were different from mine so i figure i start a new one... sorry if i missed something here...
  4. monzaman

    monzaman Guest

    ALL the worlds wrong then but you are right?

    Just tell me which file(s) your having probs with and I'll see if we can help

    The Constabulary I work for (Derby Met/Fraud) will be happy to help in your XVID (We presume you hold all copyright & commercial rights) probs and thanks for your IP & ISP so that we will have no problem in 'helping' you in the near future.

    Our movie club holds thousands of Xvid's and is growing daily along with VCD's SVCD's DVD's etc. Sunday markets are the best place to add to our movie collection but with the help of your kind self and your eagerness I am sure we will be soon increasing our collection!

    PC MONZ (Derby Met/Fraud/Trading Standards (Northern) PC566

    PS We urge you to seek legal advice!!
  5. r34v

    r34v Guest

    eh... chill out... all i have is anime that's aren't licensed here. oh and i got it figured out so thanks for the help asswipe

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