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XviD troubles

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by Nemini, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. Nemini

    Nemini Guest


    I've been experiencing some hard troubles when encoding in XviD (well, first time encoding,I've followed the guide in this site). First of all, ALL THE TIME i produce a XviD, the color palette of the movie is inverted... and I really don't know what the fusk happened...
    Second, when i multiplex the AC3 audio, I'm not able to hear anything when playing, but maybe I've not installed some codecs (GSPOT in the audio installed codecs report me the following:
    DSH 0x2000 AC3 from AVI XForm --> MISSING: mpgaudio.ax)

    Hope some1 could help me.

    Tnx & byez

  2. Nemini

    Nemini Guest

    Resolved the audio bug, but I still experience the video inverted colors, really couldn't anyone help me?? :(
  3. Twilite

    Twilite Regular member

    Dec 30, 2002
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    Tell us what options are enabled in virtualdub under the video menu. Also what version of xvid codecs did you install, i.e. the stable binary or the unstable version, and where did you get it, Nic's, koepi's, etc... Lastly, do you have the option of playing the movie on someone else's pc that has played xvid avi's before? That may tell us if the problem is in the movie itself or if it's a funky decoder issue.
  4. Nemini

    Nemini Guest

    No more problems, I noticed that only in winamp3 i get this 'bug', other players (media player, powerDVD) diplay the xvid correctly.
    So i have to think winamp3 is bad for xvid...

    tnx anyway

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