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Yamada 6700 - multiple issues

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by simm1701, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. simm1701

    simm1701 Guest

    Hi all - just plugged in my new yamada 6700 and noticed a few issues - whats confusing me slightly is the lack of consistancy.

    I was hoping someone may be able to offer some help.

    Fast forwarding: (yes I know there is firmware updates for these however they all include tradeoffs, eg its fast forward or packed bitstreams from what I can tell, never both)

    Fast forwarding on some files causes the sound track to restart from the beginning (obviously causing massive seek issues for the cd drive so it becomes unplayable), however on some files it works fine.
    My guess is that it is related to the video or audio codecs (or both)
    The files that do not work were lavc MPEG4 encoded using mplayer with lame mp3 audio. The ones that worked ok were labled XviD with AC3 audio (torrented so I dont know what software was used)
    I would lean in the direction of the AC3 vs MP3 being the problem, I was wondering if anyone knew for certain? (or am I going to have to do some trial and error testing?)

    Unknown disc:

    Several of my discs (I use DVD-R to record files on) give unknown disc error. However not only to these discs work fine in every other PC or mac I have, several of the same brand discs, same batch, burnt using the same machine and software work fine. Any ideas?


    Nothin over 720 pixels wide displays.... I'm guessing there is no patch and never will be for this? (ie I need to go reencode some stuff)

    1GB files:
    Whats the story here?
    Lacking a working fastforward I cant exactly test this myself and havent had a chance to sit through a film.
    I know that if a file is encoded properly it has to have a new header written after each 1023Mb.
    Are only files lacking this a problem? Or does the 6700 have a problem with these also (and what is the problem exactly?)

    Do any of the firmware updates disable this?

    Thanks in advance

  2. simm1701

    simm1701 Guest

    Oh one last thing, subtitles!

    What format/filename system do you use with a subtitle for for this player to recognise it?

    (I only want to include forced subs usually, eg english subs for the elvish in LoTR - my current method is encoding the subs into the AVI)
  3. cpuuk

    cpuuk Guest

    You did download and upgrade the firmware? Out the the box the std firmware is pants, and most things don't seem to work. Upgrade and and the world is good again.

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