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Zelda – Link’s Awakening, Sheer Awesomeness! *Heavy Spoilers*

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by retroborg, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. retroborg

    retroborg Regular member

    Jan 3, 2006
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    Recently, I bought a used Black & White Gameboy with the Zelda cart for 5 Euros at a flea-market sale.

    Soon after when I started playing it, I was shocked by the sheer awesomeness of the gameplay, the nicely designed 4-grey scale graphics, the gorgeous music generated by the tiny GB speaker and the cool Boss fights!
    It took me 3 months to complete (I took my time there) and enjoyed every single detail of the game.

    The story line and plot were very deep, sad and dramatic.
    The Koholilt realm was just an allegory, a dream of another being. It would all end and fade into nothingness once the wind fish awakes.

    I had an inclination, about the island not being quite right, especially after defeating the Slime Eel Boss at the Catfish dungeon and hearing its dying cries:

    But I was shocked when I first read the legend about the island, on the ancient tablet at the face shrine.

    The Owl then appears and tells you that the only one that knows for sure is the Wind Fish it self! The Owl was the most enigmatic character of the game. I think it's an allegory and represents the Wind Fish’s (or maybe even Link’s) Consciousness!

    Later on, The Facade Bosses’ agonizing death cries supported the terrifying truth:

    And the dramatic inevitable end described by the Boss of the 8th Dungeon.
    It’s so dramatic of how anxious and determined he is to prevent you from playing the instruments:

    When the Wind fish finally awakes, the dialogue that follows is very hopeful and sad at the same time:

    The best element of this game must be Marin’s song, “The Ballad of the Wind Fish”, This is one of the nicest tunes I have ever heard! I would sit there and play it just to enjoy the melody. The full version of the song, when you play the 8 siren instruments in front of the Wind Fish’s Egg, is poetry!
    Yes, music is very important in my book and I was deeply touched by this specific song. I'll definitely look for an mp3 re-mastered version of this tune!
    I felt sad when Marin tells you that she knew you were going to leave for ever and that she didn’t want you to forget her.

    Earlier at the beach, she tells you:
    “If I was a sea gull, I would fly as far as I could! I would fly to far away places and sing for many people”.

    I guess her wish was granted when at the end sequence, Marin comes onto the screen, a seagull flies through her, and she disappears.

    I was deeply touched by this game and it definitely deserves to be placed in the hall of all time classics.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Negibozu

    Negibozu Member

    Jan 2, 2006
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    This is one of my favorite games ever, I've got two copies of it stashed away.

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