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Zero track time on ripped WMAs

Discussion in 'Audio' started by maxiboy, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. maxiboy

    maxiboy Guest

    I've just re-ripped my CDs using WMAs because I worked out you can get a decent bit-rate using the custom slider, but now all my tracks have a zero track time, which makes features like AutoDJ redundant. I can sometimes get the track time using super tagging look up but it's patchy and normally only updates the first track of an album.

    Any ideas?


  2. maxiboy

    maxiboy Guest

    Ive got musicmatch that was provided with my Archos mp3 player.

    Previously with my serial number I could download version updates to version 8.0 (or it may have been 8.1) with my serial, but not 8.2, so fair enough - it's the newest version.

    However, since I've had to reformat my computer, I cannot upgrade past version 7.1 because the upgrade programme just downloads version 8.2 when I try to upgrade to the newest version.

    So, how can I get the latest version my serial number covers?

  3. maxiboy

    maxiboy Guest

    how can i sort my files in the Musicmatch "My Library" so it automaticly throws out duplicates. It is a very long process when there is over 1000 files to go through it one by one.
    Any help?
  4. blco32

    blco32 Member

    Jun 12, 2004
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    That's where MusicMatch gets you. If you want the newest version you have to buy it. You cannot up-grade and use your same number. I just stick to Version 7.5.

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