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Zippys gun nut FO3 thread.

Discussion in 'Safety valve' started by ZippyDSM, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. ZippyDSM

    ZippyDSM Active member

    Aug 3, 2005
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    Hey guyz I am doing some FO3 modding and would like some Gun input.
    I am looking for info on FPS, power, range, accuracy, condition issues any noticeable quricks would be helpful.

    FO3 has some lousy starting weapons the named ones are not that much better half the time, so I am going to heavily reduce critical chance

    .32 a 5 shot 32 caliber revolver THAMES ARMS CAL.32 I believe.
    The best I can think of for this is short range high accuracy but the weakest of the pistols and slower reload I might can effect refire rate but frankly the game is odd to mod.

    10MM pistol with a 12 round clip, have not found much on 10MM pistols outside of they are gaining acceptance as a solid and very worthwhile pistol. Mid range power and accuracy with the highest fire rate for a normal pistol.

    Chinese variant of a 96 mauser Shansei Chinese Broomhandle Pistol
    It’s the rare 10 or 9MM variant but I plan on it using 5.56 rounds since its that 5MM, 10MM, or .32 so I thought ti would be better to use the 5.56 round make it the strongest pistol but less accurate(which is bad for a mauser I believe lol) .

    Assault rifle and Chinese version without the 7.XX round they both use the newer nato standard 5.56 round, the Chinese version seems to have less accuracy and alil more power, not really sure what to do besides paly on the worlds fiction make the normal assault rifle alil slower to load but give it a rifle class range (redoing all the ranges BTW) but alil shorter to the more powerful less accurate Chinese assault rifle.

    Bolt action .32 rifle: real world details/type unknown

    .44 revolver double action:pretty easy to find but give me them anyway, going to paly around with it make it a more effective weapon

    Ambiguous Sniper rifle: anything for this one would be helpful they seem to use weapons from 1880-1980 going to play around with it make it a more effective weapon.

    One of the first things I am going to do is reduce the critical chance from 2-3 to 0.05 for all but the sniping weapons since they are large caliber monsters, the silenced 10MM will become a lethal sneaking weapon but suck in a straight fight where its high critical damage rarely hits because your not sneaking and killing an unaware target with 1-3 hits, at least a unaware human target……its nice to kill deathclaws and super mutants with a few hits. but then things get silly…. :p

    Even if I have played the game for 50 hours I spent most my time outside of DC meaning I have only found the Zhu-Rong pistol a few hours ago and the alien blaster 20 or so game hours ago, The laser and energy weapons will be tweaked once I go through the normal guns.

    Not looking to make exact game world versions of the weapons but knowing about the weapon might help me decide in which direction to modify it from vanilla.
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