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Zippys writing project , progress.

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by ZippyDSM, Mar 6, 2015.

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    Aug 3, 2005
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    (mods:go ahead and nuke this if you feel you need too. Randomly talked about my book project in the past, also dunno which is better linking to my DA journal or begin an attachment here so chose the attachment, like I said nuke if need be since the eye bleeding will kill anyway LOL)

    First off. Warning, ultra bear soft sci fi warning here.

    I'm finishing up a 14 page 6Kish word world building essay I guess that's what you would call it. Trying to hit upon some history, terms and general info on about my multi verse. The trouble is I still know little about writing. I only half understand some of the stuff I read, trying to get better to at least keep stuff in between the ditches.

    Since its not prose the eye/mental damage should be minimal but still this is me we are talking about I can be very bad at times ><. Anyone want to give it once over? Here's half a page or so for a sample.


    COTLOP: World Building and general history

    I am pretty confident the things in this will not change, I have more to add than change after al.


    This covers some history of the fictional universal of Chronicles of the Lord of Power/COTLOP.

    Darkness a timeless being writhed in the nothing that was before. Time after time creation rose and fell like great fireworks within the darkness. But like all dreams they faded but the nightmares never ended until one day Darkness was at peace within his deep slumber light spread forth across the vast nothingness. Lightness felt sorrow for his other half but could not be stopped. Lightness had an uncontrollable urge to create thus began the first era of creation however it did not last long but the knowledge gained allowed Lightness to fight Darkness to a standstill, while most of creation laid in waste the old ones agreed to use pawns rather than fight for an eternity. After trillions and trillions of years their armies made up mostly of small planet sized creatures clashed, unsatisfied with the war Darkness raged and destroyed forcing Lightness to intervene. Save for a few survivors creation was in ruins, once again they agreed that no matter how they fought they would never best the other so once again they placed their bets on their own forces.. This roughly starts the 2nd war of creation around the time of the big bang.


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