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how to transfer files from computer to xbox

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can anybody help out please... basically i just want to know the steps on how to transfer files from my computer to my i need flashfxp....and an rj45 crossover cable?
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Oyu answered your question by yourself. Some other things required:
Modded xbox
Dashboard of some kind or a chip boot screen.

Right people, this is easy, dont use crap like flashxp or any other clients, extra hassle u dont need.

1. disable any firewalls (or set them to ALLOW when trying to connect to your xbox).

2. Disable the LAN connection and connect the crossover cable to pc and xbox.

3. Right click the LAN connection (under START/CONTROL PANEL/NETWORK CONNECTIONS), click "properties", under the "general" tab, go down the list, click on "Internet protocol (TCP/IP)" then click properties again. Use the following settings;-
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Click OK.

4. On your desktop, you need to see an icon labelled "My Network Places" (If its not there, right click on your desktop, click "properties", click "desktop" tab, then click "customize Desktop...", tick the box at the top for "My network places" and click OK, and again OK to exit display properties).
Right click on "My Network Places" and select "map network drive", then click the writing which says "sign up for online storage or connect to a network server", a wizard thing pops up, click NEXT, the next screen brings up a list of service providers, highlight the 1 which says "Choose another network location........." then click NEXT, in the space type this
click NEXT, the next page is the name, your choice, I just put XBOX on mine, click NEXT, then untick the box (open this..... when finished", click FINISH


5. On xbox, goto settings and make sure it says "use static IP" YES.

6. Reboot your xbox, on evo x dash it should display the IP as (if it does not take note of step 5. and make sure the IP is set to this).

7. Re-Enable the LAN on your pc, a bubble pops up "LAN Connection 100.0 Mbps ..."

8. Finally, double click the "My Network Places" icon on your desktop and open the folder named XBOX (or whatever you specified in step 4.) and it should show you you xbox hard drive (C,E,F,X,Y,Z and D is the DVD-Rom).

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Flash FXP is much faster.
You get around 11,000 k/sec using flash transferring files from PC to XBOX (depending on the quality of the xbox hdd)
using the windows LAN method is too slow

Flashfxp hassle? takes me all of a couple of seconds to connect.
once setup, launch the program, click quick connect, easy.
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Hi guys. I need a little help. How do I decide where to save emulators to?(c,e,f,g,h,etc.) And also I can ftp an emulator right into the xbox file right? Unzip file and transfer whole file? Am I on the right path? I'm using a softmodded xbox v 1.6. And Iam using evolution x v+3935.

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Hello Don_omar, back to you, it all seemed to work up until the last step when the beast threw up the error message "windows cannot clear the ARP cache" whatever that means! any ideas on that as im getting a bit fed up of xp and thinking of returning to 98 as that did this stuff with a lot less hassle...progress eh?
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Reporting back.. After lots of rooting around the basic problem is a fault in XP Pro sp1. ( Microsoft admit as much but that's all the help they wanna give out!!) The ARP cache for anyone interested is the table of IP addresses that exist on your network (with all the MAC stuff as well) and is used in packet verification. Research uncovered lots of interesting and dangerous stuff out there ( ARPoison, Ettercap,Parasite) that I really don't want to get involved with..Does anyone know how to clear this without hacking my network?? By the way this is a Microsoft mod for xbox versions make it hard for us all.This problem never happens with the early ones.
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OK, further clear arp cache from the Command Prompt type " netsh interface ip delete arpcache" and then do "arp-d" again at command prompt, if nothing happens then reboot and all should work, Thanks to all who have helped with this nasty all over the world...list to big, you know who you and best wishes to all you good people....Jan
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sorry.. should have read "arp -d*" without the quotes of course ( don't forget the "*"
Hi, I tried what don_omar said and i got most of the things but when i go into Netowrk connection and go in "XBOX" folder it says " FTP folder Error- Windows cannot access this folder. Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that u have permission to access the folder." please help me.
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Hi, still having fun with this...maybe it's something to do with having administrator status or something for the networking aspect. Ill keep looking cos i'm trying to solve this too. so far tried it with the drive both locked and unlocked with no joy...keep you posted (don't hold your breath!!) Janrocks...still hacking in the real world!!
Just so you all know, them instructions what DON_OMAR posted are my handy work, I wrote them, he is taking credit for them.

See my original post here
(right at the bottom of page 1)

I have had about 9 PM's from people with network probs from that post and helped solve ALL of them!

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xboxd00d nice to see u..thought I recognised something in there, couldn't quite put my finger on it.....
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Hey..still having S*** with this problem..even tried 2 boxes together and they find each other fine..Xecuter3 bios has a different set of numbers from the evox dash, yet neither work.(even tried changing them to the same, cleared the arp cache and everything, the PC doesn't report "xbox connected" as it usually does)..flash fxp says "connection refused" (makes a change from "timed out") What the hell is going on...this should be simple!!!
I cant choose ''static'' as an option, I can, however, change my static ip. I am wondering if the lan configurations has to match the static ip on the xbox? I'm using a switch... ?
Question when using action replay to transfer files some times it says not an xbox save. I know nothing about modding or anything of that nature but am extreamly interested can some one tell me what uncrushing a file means and how to do it for action replay also if any one has mods for halo 2 that work with action replay e mail me at thankx

PS. I am also interested in softmodding so if any one would be interested in helpin me with that email me
So, you have to have a modded xBox for this?
need help with this i downloaded the hot coffe mod to my pc i want to upload it to my xbox how do i do this with out using internet access or ethernet cable because i dont have one will appreciate any reply or suggestions on how to do this e-mail me aaight

Burn it on a supported cd-RW...
Hi isn't it possible to get iso's and then burn them using DVD Decrypter to play directly on your Xbox?

I didn't want to start another thread again since this board is flooded over and the FAQ doesn't really cover what I am asking for.

So the question ''Can I burn an ISO on DVD with DVD Decrypter to play direcrtly on my modded Xbox?''

Thx in advance,

Yeah, you can do that. I've done it for PS2. Shouldn't be any different in XBOX.
Really does the brand of dvd's makes a difference.
I always burn at the lowest speed but still it shows up the Xbox logo with the white microsoft text and then tells me it is an invalid disc.

Really does the brand of dvd's makes a difference.
I always burn at the lowest speed but still it shows up the Xbox logo with the white microsoft text and then tells me it is an invalid disc.

YES. The brand makes a hell of a difference, xbox drives are basically very picky about what they will play, my xbox is very new, yet it will not play most cdr I put in there.

I always burn at x4 speed on Ritek G05 printable discs, they are spot on and look ace when printed on.
Another good disc is Datawrite (yellow, red, classic, printable, all good).

I use Nero to burn them with.

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The brand of dvd doesn't matter that much as long as they are set minus..I use cheapos..More important is the size of the file on the disk, if less than about 100 meg the drive can't always find it!! Make a dummy file like for the bios of about 400-500 Meg and everything should be ok..Samsung cd-rw work fine in the Philips and Samsung drives.
The brand of dvd doesn't matter that much as long as they are set minus......
Rubbish, ignore this info, it is a well known fact the xbox dvd-rom sux, yes cheapos work "ok", but why not spend a few pence per disc extra and have reliability.
I have borrowed games burnt on cheapos and the intro skips and stutters, and when I reburn on quality media the intro runs smooth.

Also, + or - it dont matter, there is very little difference between the 2 except + is better for video (ie. in a dvd recorder where re editing after recording is needed) and the + are generally slightly more expensive!

"Trying is the first step towards Failure" Homer.J.Simpson
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