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dvd backup to dv2onex to toast titanium 6= NO AUDIO!!!!!!!???????

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by spiral649, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. spiral649

    spiral649 Guest

    WHY? I selected the audio in dvd2onex, I know that Audio TS folder is empty, I can't find the answer anywhere in this forum? Please help.
  2. Londor

    Londor Guest

    AUDIO_TS folder is always empty.
    To check whether the movie has been correctly ripped just launch DVDPlayer, press File on the bar and select Open VIDEO_TS folder and navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder that DVD2OneX had produced, press open and now on the DVDPlayer controler press play.
    It should play with sound.
    To burn it using TOAST 6 select the Data tab and the DVD-ROM (UDF) advanced option, press new disc and drag both folders video and audio (this one has to be empty) and press record.
  3. spiral649

    spiral649 Guest

    It worked, I tried a different movie. Thanks Londor.

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