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bin and cue files

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by dfiddy, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. dfiddy

    dfiddy Guest

    I have some bin and cue files that I am not to sure on what to do with them. Do I have to create a disk image. Do I have to convert them to vob files somehow. I can play my movie in VLC okay but as soon as I import it to toast it says unknown file format cannot import...wtf...why not. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. Londor

    Londor Guest

    In Toast select the "Copy" tab and under "Advanced" select "Bin/Cue files".
  3. dfiddy

    dfiddy Guest

    Okay i did what you said Londor and it burned and everything and my dvd recognized it but its all choppy, I even tried burning it at 1x and still choppy. Any ideas. I am using TDK CD-R to burn with.
  4. Londor

    Londor Guest

    Sorry I have no idea. I have never burned those kind of files. I just knew the option to burn Bin/cue files was under the "Copy" tab.

    Anyway I just did a search for "bin/cue files" in the Toast Help and this is what came up:

    [bold]What Is a Bin/Cue File Pair?[/bold]

    A Bin/Cue file is an image file pair that exists as two separate parts, and must be combined in order to create the final file:

    •The Bin file is the part that contains the binary data

    •The Cue file is the part that describes how the data is to be recorded to disc.

    In order to copy a Bin/Cue file pair, they should be in the same folder. These two files should also have the same first names (for example, Image.bin and Image.cue).

    •Note:For an audio CD saved in the Bin/Cue file pair format, there may be another file (called .CDT) that holds CD-TEXT information.

    [bold]Recording Bin/Cue Files to Disc

    To record a BIN/CUE file pair to a disc:[/bold]

    1 Click the Copy tab, then click the Disc Settings button (or the disc title).

    The Disc Settings drawer opens.

    2 In the Disc Settings drawer, click Advanced, then select the Bin/Cue Files option.

    3 You can add your files in any of these ways:

    •Drag a Cue or a Bin file into the content area from the hard disk.

    •Click Select. The Choose a File dialogue appears, where you can browse your hard disk for a Bin or Cue file. When you locate the file, select only one and click Choose.

    Regardless of whether you add the Bin or the Cue file, Toast adds the other automatically.

    4 Click the red Record button.

    5 When prompted, insert a disc into the currently selected recorder.

    Toast displays a progress bar as it copies your Bin/Cue file pair to disc.
  5. dfiddy

    dfiddy Guest

    Hey thanks for the reply and the extra effort on the search there. I appreciate it.
  6. ducksoup

    ducksoup Member

    Jul 7, 2003
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    it's easy, make sure you have both .bin and .cue files within the same folder before start

    you will need a burning program (of course) and i used nero ver (however i think all versions pretty much support .cue, so do not worry even if you have previous versions)

    you ready?

    go to file open > select file type as either image files (.nrg, .iso, .CUE) or all files > then burn

    that's all there is to it.

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