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burning with toast 6 and TDK

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by phizzball, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. phizzball

    phizzball Guest

    firstoff i'm a noob to this so i apologize in advance for any moronic questions. im using toast 6 and some TDK DVD+R 4x discs and the finished product will play in my dvd player but when i try to play it on my mac error message pops up as os x does not recognize this disc, etc...could this have something to do with the DVD+R vs DVD-R? what's the difference between these 2 formats as from what i previously understood there is R and then there is RW. i didnt know if the plus vs. minus sign made a difference and just bought the one that was DVD+R b/c it was 4x write speed vs. 2x.
  2. Londor

    Londor Guest

    I am afraid but Panther will only read video content from a DVD-R not even from a DVD-RW (you will get a "not permitted" message when trying to play it) but as you have already discovered you can burn to any of the 4 formats . You can still use the DVD+R/+RW/-RW for storing data and your Mac will read them without a problem.
    If your OS is Jaguar you can use -R/-RW media for both video and data but it will not recognize +R/+RW media.
    Hope it helps.
  3. phizzball

    phizzball Guest

    ohhhhhhh...thanks londor that explains a lot

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