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DVD > DVD-R (dual layer to single layer)

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by Wiqd, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. Wiqd

    Wiqd Guest

    Ok, I've seen several tutorials on making dvds into svcds, divxs etc... but I can NOT find a way that actually works to get dual layer dvd9s to dvd5 size. Right now I'm using the process of:

    Ripping wit OSeX to an ac3 and m2v file
    Multiplexing with MissingMpegTools using mplex set to 4G segments (seems to be the only way it will do a movie bigger than 4.3 gigs. There's an issue if you try to make it bigger where it will multiplex up to a point, then just process 1 frame for the rest of the movie).
    Reencode the segmented files back into mpeg2 with quicktime
    Author using DVD studio pro
    The problem occurs in the multiplexing part. Since it has to segment the files, it drops frames either at the end of the segment or the beginning of the next segment. This desychs the audio from that part in the movie til the end. Does anyone know of a way to get dvd9s down to dvd5 size properly? or maybe another multiplexing program that I dont have to segment the files?

  2. mike71

    mike71 Guest

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