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Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by dvd150, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. dvd150

    dvd150 Guest

    I want to be able to transfer 10 minutes from a DVD movie I recently bought to FCP4 so I can manipulate it and edit it as I like. It is not for commercial use but for my own enjoyment. How can I do that? Any help is appreciated. I have FCP4.0.2 & OSX 10.2.6 & DVD Studio Pro 2.0.0
  2. dvd150

    dvd150 Guest

    No one knows??? amazing!!!! Did I stonp u guys? I hope not !:)
  3. accountjb

    accountjb Guest

    Hey - Never used one of these forums before so bear
    with me.

    I have performed exactly what you wanted last year for a
    presentation on a film for my course.
    At the time I was using FCpro 3 (OS9) with a
    MatroxRTmac capture card, I set the capture settings in
    Final Cut to capture from the Matrox S-Video and stereo
    inputs (though you could use the the conponent vid
    I then connected the DVD player DIRECTLY to the Matrox
    break out box (no monitor in between) using an S-Video
    cable and stereo cables.

    I cycled the DVD to the section I wished to copy, started
    capture now in Final Cut and pressed play on the DVD
    player. The DVD video stream then captured directly into
    Final Cut. I saved the captured stream and placed it into
    the timeline. I could now manipulate and edit it as I
    wished. Obviously the quality depends on the codec you
    use to capture with. Uncompressed 8-bit will be alot
    better than DV but a bit of over kill, but you get the

    I am now using FCpro 4 (OSX Panther) on a G5 and I
    haven't tried anything similar on this set up, but I see no
    reason why this would not work with an analog to digital
    converter fire wire capture device such as a FORMAC
    STUDIO TVR or a Maxtor Directors Cut Take 2 maybe
    even an el-gato EYE TV capturing into Final Cut Pro 4 or
    saving as Quick Time File (Unless protection measures
    are in place on these machines). Or alternatively find a
    friend with a similar set up to the one mentioned above
    and use his machine to capture the footage and then
    burn it to CD and import on your computer into
    If you can find some way of getting the footage you want
    onto a dv tape then obviously you can capture it into
    your machine using a DV vid camera. Or you could try
    and find a mate with one of the new Philips/Sony DVD
    players which have I-Link (fire wire) outputs.

    Sorry about the length of posting but I thought it better
    to try an explain clearly. Good Luck.
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