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error with burning dvd

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by lovemymac, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. lovemymac

    lovemymac Guest

    i am trying to burn a dvd i have compressed using dvd2onex and i have used up 3 discs now. toast just says it couldnt be burnt and doesnt get past either writing the lead in or about 1 minute into it. dragon burn says an error accord during burning saying a certin sector could not be read it was out of the readable sector. any idea what is wrong id appreacite it thank you
  2. sidekick1

    sidekick1 Guest

    I use dvd2onex custom settings:
    Output: User defined 4372 mb. I have had a problem with burning DVDs to disk because of the size is too large with the 4472 mb setting and it won't burn... Try settin setting your Output to --> 4372 mb. If that doesn't work respond to the thread with your computer set up, and I will see if there is something I can help you with.

    What computer do you have, what burner & how do you have your DVD burner connected to your computer - ie internal, external, usb 2, usb 1, firewire???

    I use an external firewire burner - using Roxio Toast 6 Titanium and have never had a bad burn... Mabey you need to change to Toast 6??

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