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Getting shunk file from dvd shrink to burn program

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by Tinytogs, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Tinytogs

    Tinytogs Guest

    ok this might be stupid question but i am new to this i have decoded the dvd fine with dvd decryptor and have noe used dvd shrink to comnpress the files or whatever it does to it but now how do i get that file to the burn program
  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Hi there Tinytogs,

    If you have choosen to save it as an ISO image follow this guide -

    Open up DVD Decrypter then go back to "Mode," then "ISO" and then choose "Write". Now we go to "Source" and locate our folder where our ISO file resides. Then, let's head to "Destination" and select our burning drive where our blank DVD disc awaits. Lastly, we "Click" the HD to disc icon and STAND BACK FROM THE COMPUTER ! It's too late in the game to want to make a **coaster, isn't it ? Your PC requires more resources while it's burning than at any other time.

    If you have choosen to save it as VIDEO_TS folder then you'll need another burner to burn it to disc - you'll need to download Nero for it's 30-day free trial and follow this guide -

    A guide for burning with Nero 6 Burning ROM

    A 30-day, free, fully functional Nero 6 download can be had here:

    First, create a folder for your work on your desktop OR your HD. - Name it something that you'll be able to find. I named mine C:\All My DVD Work\\The Last Samurai sings Swami (off key). Now load your IFO, BUP and VOB files there - make sure they are in a folder named VIDEO_TS written like that (all in Caps) - some programs like DVD Shrink will make the properly named folder for you, others you must make the folder yourself - Nero needs that folder with all it's contents in order to work properly -

    Burning a file made by DVD Shrink.
    If you had used DVD Shrink to create a file on your HD you are truly in great shape. When you wish to burn, use the "File Browser" in Nero Classic (don't use Wizard), trace your path back to "All DVD Work\ \The Last Samurai sings Swami (off key)", you don't have to remember where your work is or if you need to do anymore work on it, it is completely finished, ready to go - -

    OK then, is everyone comfy ? Good - its now time for - -
    "Uncle" ScubaPete's Step by Step, Let's burn with Nero 6 Guide -

    First - Do not use Nero Wizard -
    Please follow EXACTLY -
    When you open Nero Burning ROM, you will be at the "New Compilation" window. Directly under the title "New Compilation" is a choice block to choose either DVD or CD, choose "DVD". Directly under that click on the "DVD Video Icon." Then click "New" in the upper right corner of that screen, NOT the main screen.
    You now are in the "DVD Video" window. In the left screen, click "VIDEO_TS". In the "File Browser" screen, 3rd from the left, trace your path to the VIDEO_TS folder, the one you made earlier holding all of your files and click on that folder. All of your VIDEO_TS files are now opened in the right screen. Click on the top file, hold down the "Shift" key and then click the bottom file thereby hi-lighting the entire column of files. Click and (holding the left mouse button down) drag the entire column of files to the open screen, second from the left and release the mouse button.
    Now click the icon on the task bar that shows a match on a disc, and then click "OK" and now, clear the room, stand up tall and shout out, "Burn Baby, BURN" ! One more time, let me hear you say it, "Who's your Daddy Now ???"
    Guess what my Friend ? You are done !!!

    (Wheeew, now I really need a cigarette)

    Keep all fingers and toes away from Ms. Computer. Never mess with the lady when she's working - it would be hazardous to your health, you understand -
    Go and have your coffee, when Nero is done, she'll let you know ;-))

    Enjoy your backup,


    When looking for a guide written by a wack job, shop ScubaPete

    In the future, you should follow a guiide from the beginning to the end so that the burning process will work automatically :)

    Here's a guide using DVD Decrypter FREE that will make everything work easily - It's about the middle of the page - PRINT IT OUT and follow it step by step -


    Make sure you stop back and let me know how you made out -



    The “old man” Pete (ö¿ô)
    Compaq 8000, Pent IV CPU 2.84GHz, 1024MB RAM, 520GB HD.
    Pioneer 107, 8X R/W , Nec R/W ND-1300A, JLMS DVD ROM.
    128MB GeForce4 TI 4200, O/S XP[/small]
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