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Help - trying to burn a previously burnt DVD!!

Discussion in 'Video problems with Mac' started by kelbelle, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. kelbelle

    kelbelle Guest

    I have a DVD that was burnt to disc - using MacTheRipper, DVD2oneX and Toast - I am trying to re-burn this to another disc (not using the original-but the burnt copy). I know of some PC users who are able to do this through their software. I'm not too sure if there is something a Mac user can do.

    Everytime I try I am unable to burn directly through toast. I have tried to copy the VIDEO_TS directly to my hard drive - but I always get an error. I thought that I found the secret and I copied the files from the VIDEO_TS into an untitled folder. I then burned this and everything seemed fine. I played the DVD and everything worked until 3/4 of the way through the movie, where the rest was basically stuck.

    Does anyone know of something I can do? Is there a program that solves this problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated - a big thanks in advance!
  2. kelbelle

    kelbelle Guest

    Still wondering if anyone has any suggestions. There just HAS to be something that a mac user can do to re-burn a burned DVD. I found that MOST PC programs are set up for burning dups - as my brother-in-law has no problems.

    Please let me know if you know of anything!!!! Thanks so much!
  3. mediaguru

    mediaguru Regular member

    Aug 27, 2002
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    You SHOULD be able to simply copy the entire dvd to your hard drive and reburn with toast (as long as the data is decrypted).

    You could also use the "save as disc image" function in toast (as long as the data is decrypted).

  4. kelbelle

    kelbelle Guest

    I've actually tried that numerous times and I always get an error while it is copying. I have even copied the VIDEO_TS folder into another folder and when I put that through toast I get an error. It basically says that the dvd will not play right, when I continue and finish the burning everything seems ok. After I play the dvd I only get about 1/2 of the movie and the rest is stuck.

  5. Londor

    Londor Guest

    If you can not copy the DVD using the "Copy" tab in Toast is because the disc you are trying to copy has some bad blocks that Toast is unable to read them therefore it reports an error. Also there is no way to tell Toast to ignore errors.

    When you are wacthing the DVD in a DVD Player you may not notice these errors because DVD Players can make up for errors.

    Try copying the VIDEO_TS folder to your HD. Now use DVDImager to create a UDF fomat image that can be burned using Disk Utility.

    To avoid these problems in the future use only high quality media.
  6. kelbelle

    kelbelle Guest

    The main problem I'm having is - I cannot copy the VIDEO_TS onto my computer. It always stops about 3/4 of the way through and says something about an error -128.

    The only time that I was able to copy a VIDEO_TS was when I copied it into an untitled folder. I will try that and running it through DVD Imager. The one question I have is- after using DVD Imager could I use Toast to burn that disk image?

    As far as media I've been using Verbatim DVD-R 4X or 8X, I've actually never had any problems with them. Should I upgrade to something else in order to do this correctly?

    Thanks Londor for all of your help!
  7. Londor

    Londor Guest

    Yes you can use Toast to burn the image. Just click on the "copy" tab and select "Image file".

    Anyway the DVDImager option is to burn UDF format DVDs using the burning capabilities of OSX and not have to buy extra software. If you want to try it this way you have to open Disk Utility (Applications/Utilities) and click on the "burn" icon. Navigate to the image you want to burn and select it. Click on burn.

    Some Verbatims are made by CMC using the CMC dye which is really poor.

    What drive do you have?

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